Web vault builds for vaultwarden
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Web Vault builds for Vaultwarden

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This project is not associated with the Bitwarden project nor Bitwarden, Inc.

⚠️IMPORTANT⚠️: When using this server, please report any bugs or suggestions to us directly (look at the bottom of this page for ways to get in touch), regardless of whatever clients you are using (mobile, desktop, browser...). DO NOT use the official support channels.

This is a repository to store the builds of the Bitwarden web vault with the patches to make it work with Vaultwarden

To create a patch you need to modify the original sources from Bitwarden web vault and execute:

git --no-pager diff --submodule=diff --no-color --minimal

Building the web-vault

To build the web-vault you need either node and npm installed or use Docker.

Using node and npm

For a quick and easy local build you could run:

make full

That will generate a tar.gz file within the builds directory which you can extract and use with the WEB_VAULT_FOLDER environment variable.

Using a container

Or via the usage of building via a container:

make container-extract

That will extract the tar.gz and files generated via Docker into the container_builds directory.

Which container command to use, docker or podman

The default is to use docker, but podman works too.

You can force them by replacing container with either docker or podman, like:

make docker-extract
# Or
make podman-extract

You can configure the default via a .env file. See the .env.template.
Or you can set it as a make argument with the make command:

make CONTAINER_CMD=podman container-extract

More information

For more information see: Install the web-vault


The builds are available in the releases page, and can be replicated with the scripts in this repo.

Get in touch

If you spot any bugs or crashes with Vaultwarden itself, please create an issue here. Make sure there aren't any similar issues open, though!

To ask a question, offer suggestions or new features or to get help configuring or installing the software, please use either GitHub Discussions or the forum.

If you prefer to chat, we're usually hanging around at #vaultwarden:matrix.org room on Matrix. Feel free to join us!